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Making the Strip, (an indepth look at how we churn out our special brand of humor!)


Sam's Desk

Two-tone coloring, (learn how to color like the IM team!)



Desktop Background, (an IM desktop bg, nice if you like blue!). Click on your resolution to download (if you don't know your resolution, then it's probably 800x600)


The IM Desktop BG

Desktop Background 2

Based off our kickass new character splash image, now you can look at the best piece of IM art on your desktop all the time.


Wallpaper 2

Linkin' Banners!

If you'd like to link back to Idle Minds, now you can do it in style! No ugly text for us!



Idle Minds Winamp Skin

Nothing to say here, except that Eviland truly is the worst of websites, no, I will not link you, because I am considerate of my fellow human being.


Skin Preview

Idle Minds Java Chat Client

speak to the rest of Keenspot and Keenspace with this free online chat client, powered by java.





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