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Self Contained Comics: (these are comics that are hosted on independant servers, they do their own updates and are generally free to do more risque material.)

Penny Arcade - Number 1 in the set of webcomic big guns, a favorite of everyone here at IM, and to just about everybody who has ever seen them.

PVP - Second of the most prominent big guns, updated every day.

MegaTokyo - A fanbase that never stops ranting and raving about how great it is, solid art and original plot. MegaTokyo is probably the first big manga-style webcomic, and unqeustionably the biggest one.

Maison Otaku - What I would call, to put it lightly, a promising comic, Maison Otaku may well have now gone the way of the Dodo. Go read the archives, you won't regret it.

8-Bit Theater - You go read this comic and you laugh, because it's funny. Really. I don't know how else to say it.

Winter - A new comic / graphic tale brought to you by Lem, formerly Hot Soup of Lethal Doses. He owns your soul.

NoRTH - Here's another nice manga-style comic. Speaking strictly from the Joel point of view here (these views do not necessarily represent those of the rest of the Idle Minds staff, the prsident, or the queen of Estonia) I think this one is in prime waiting position to start kicking everyone's ass before they even know what's happening.

Adventurers! - Arguably the first webcomic to poke fun at the RPG genre and clichès, still one of the best.

Bad Boys of Computer Science - Guys, girls, computers, games and punchlines. Just like the other comics? No, done better than most.

Diesel Sweeties - Quite possibly the only comic with mullet power.

Sexy Losers - This is what we call a "mature" comic. 18+. By some guy named "hard". You know, what clay becomes when it's exposed to the light for too long. Hard.

Keenspot: (Keenspot is a webhost for selected web comics, they offer free automation services to their sites)

Exploitation Now! - How long has it been since we updated this page? I had to move this from the Keenspace section.
EN is one of those webcomics which combine amazing art, writing, and charisma. The more comics pop up, the less seem to have as much as EN to offer.

Real Life - Another favorite of the IM team, always funny and always there when you need it.

College Roomies from Hell!!! - Whole lot of goodness waiting for you in the archives here, and more added all the time! One of the best serial comics, no doubt.

Avalon High - A great strip with a bigger romantic web than most Takahashi anime. Buy the book, or else no one's your friend.

Sinfest - Official comic of the resistance

Keenspace (Sister site to Keenspot, Keenspace offers free web comic hosting and automation to anyone that applies, Idle Minds is currently hosted on Keenspace)

Joshbabes - Funny name, smarty man

Beta: The Strip - A nice comic with some seriously choice strips. Check out the archives and you'll find enough laughs to last you a while.

Strange Candy - Anime themed, manga-style, and a trip to Tokyo Tower. It's a magical trip, and it's pretty hip.

Eat the Roses - An epic tale, one might call it. A sprawling continuous plot with few one-shots. IF you need a great comic that reads like a novel, EtR is for you.

RPG World - A nice comic for all of us who are fans of the console RPGs and the clichès therein, as well as a nice art style and clever writing.

Framed!!! - Another thing to add to the list of reasons DaMonk rocks you all. Give it a read, neh?

IMer Favorites:

Sam: polykarbon.com - Incredible anime drawing tutorials
Five Horizons - The best Pearl Jam information site on the web
Penny Arcade - My personal favorite comic

Joel: - Go read Zach "The coolest man alive you bastard" Stroum's Shaw Island for comics about mod designers running away from celebrity, web cartoonists running from the girl that broke his heart, hamsters running from an evil crab, and more. Go or I'll cry.

Corey: -

Meredith: " YYH Djs in English ~ Essential doujinshi for any Yuu Yuu Hakusho fan
GW Addiction ~ The best GW fan fiction archive around (warning: there be yaoi ahead!)
Dragon Ball Super Z Fanfiction Archive
~ One of the best Dragonball Z fan fiction series on the 'net "





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